Electrical discharge machining

Professional CNC electrical discharge machining of any complexity

You will be surprised with the quality and productivity of CNC electrical discharge machining performed by our professionals! The term CNC electrical discharge machining of metals denotes the process of destruction of conductors by means of electric current. The essence of such metal cutting is enclosed in the discharge surface treatment between the approaching electrodes. The impact of this discharge appears on the processed material. CNC electrical discharge machining is the most convenient and efficient way of processing metals to manufacture complex parts. Rezinoplast company will be pleased to provide these services for you!

Электроэрозионная обработка (электроэрозия)

Generally, metals electrical discharge machining (EDM) is performed when the interelectrode space is filled with special purified water, kerosene or power fluid. Such working environment enhances the anode’s level of destruction. The greatest EDM effect is shown with the usage of one of these dielectrics. The liquid in the area of erosion evaporates. The steam micro-explosion destroys the desired part of the metal with incredible accuracy.

We provide the following services with the cutting edge equipment:

  • production of durable cutting tools, accurate patterns, curves, high quality diemoldmaking;
  • parts manufacture of any complexity of very hard and brittle metal (technical knives);
  • complex molds creation for different industries;
  • production of the parts of various three-dimensional configuration;
  • the work requires special accuracy and surface finish.

Our machines have a very small radius of the useful cross-section. That has a positive effect on the accuracy of the performed work. Besides, our cutting tools have a high-precision three-dimensional orientation. Thus, we offer a unique opportunity to manufacture parts of various sizes and complex geometry. Do you need professional electrical discharge machining of metals? Rezinoplast company is there for you!

Elektroerozionnaya obrabotka elektroerozziya

You can order any metal processing service on CNC machines of the following types: milling, milling and lathe machining, electrical discharge machining, turn-milling, pipe-bending works, chromium coating and heat processing of details, design services.

High quality! Any complexity! Please contact us! 


Видео обзоры - ENG

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