Lathe machining

High quality lathe machining

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The necessity to manufacture metal parts with high accuracy arises in various industries. For example, lathe machining is very topical in the precision engineering, instrumentation, aerospace and chemical industries, as well as in other industries. Rezinoplast company performs all kinds metals and polymers lathe machining.

High quality lathe machiningrequires high-tech equipment. Our company performes high quality lathe machining using different types of machines. There are also machines with numeric control, allowing to produce parts of complex shape with high accuracy. It is important that lathe machining is performed using modern cutting tools, including CBN and carbide blades.


Depending on the needs of the customer lathe machining is performed on various materials.

The materials include:

  • copper;
  • aluminum;
  • steel;
  • various polymers.

 An important criterion of lathe machining is not only the quality of manufactured parts, but also the time rate of order execution. Speed is of particular importance if you have ordered a large number of goods. It is possible to fulfill the order within the shortest possible period of time due to the lathe machining performance on high-tech equipment.

Lathe machining is performed by qualified staff of our company. Individual approach to each order ensures the highest standards of dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Our experts are mostly specialized in metal lathe machining, master various techniques of lathework and are able to choose the best solution for any specific technical problem.

If necessary, our company can perform lathe machining and other kinds of metalwork. We can also fulfill the project according to your drawings and designs.

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You can order any metal processing service on CNC machines of the following types: milling, milling and lathe machining, electrical discharge machining, turn-milling, pipe-bending works, chromium coating and heat processing of details, design services.

High quality! Any complexity! Please contact us! 


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