High quality NC manufacturing

Is a constructive element of any device broken?  No ability or desire to wait for the delivery of spare parts for months? Do you need press molds to obtain parts of complex configuration by pressure molding? Do you know who can produce complex parts of unusually shaped details?

Фрезерная обработкаrezinoplast 7

Rezinoplast metal processing company is here  to provide services. We develop a set of all necessary design and process control documentation, accompany all production cycles (whether it is lathe or milling machining), all the products are subjected to strict control. The extensive fleet of different modern precision machines allows to complete tasks of any complexity. We use the world's best innovative methods, techniques and tools. If you are interested in milling machining, our company will provide the fulfillment of any order you made. Due to the forging and heat-treatment sections, we have blanks of all sizes with necessary characteristics. We also perform the following NC manufacturing:

-         art milling

-         pattern cutting

-         figured cutting of the letters on the intended trajectory

-         production of sign plates, price tags, stands, stamps, former blocks, spare parts for imported plant equipment or household devices, etc.

Rezinoplast company is always ready for a long and productive partnership and is open to interesting offers. You will never regret if your items would be milled by our experts. It also concerns bulky elements. Besides, CNC milling  allows to get details with dimensional accuracy to 0.01mm. There is the technical ability to adjust batch production. We perform at the highest professional level because we take care of our untarnished reputation, esteem every customer. We can fulfill the order according to your drawings and designs. The price depends on the type of material, the number of parts and the availability of documentation and timing. We are looking forward to your requests!

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You can order any metal processing service on CNC machines of the following types: milling, milling and lathe turning, electrical discharge machining, turn-milling, pipe-bending works, chromium coating and heat processing of details, design services.

High quality! Any complexity! Please contact us


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Here you can see the latest video reviews with advanced technologies used in our enterprise.
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