Metal pipe bending

We perform high quality bending of pipes of different diameters.

We bend pipes out of ferrous metal, copper and stainless steel on CNC machines.

We bend metal and stainless steel pipes according to drawings and samples, on the basis of our equipment characteristics.

Characteristics of the bending pipes equipment:

  • The maximum diameter of the bent pipe 82mm
  • Pipe wall thickness 3.5mm
  • Min / max bending radius from 34 to 300mm
  • Min bending speed from 0 to 19/27 min.
  • Max bending angle of 198 °
  • Torque speed from 0 to 60 minutes.
  • The electrical load 30 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
  • According to preliminary V-shaped groove (no chips)
  • detached unit with circular gang saw (for the production of special-purpose items)
  • trubogib

Highly accurate, universal bending machines with CNC. Pipe bending.

This equipment is used for mass production of symmetrical and asymmetrical parts, such as pipe molds for the production of junction pipes, shackles, frames for tables and chairs. We produce a variety of  customized pipes of curved shapes.

The pipe bending process is performed as follows: black metal or stainless steel pipe with a diameter up to 82mm. The pipe comes from coil, passes through the black and correction blocks and then goes on bending the console, where it is bent according to the program. At the end of the pipe bending process, cutting is performed in two ways:

All operations are fully automatic.

Do you need high-quality CNC machining or customized details production (molds, punches, machine parts and components, customized and unique goods)? Our company is at your service! Mass production orders are welcome!

gibka trubgibka trub

You can order any metal processing service on CNC machines of the following types: milling, milling and lathe machining, electrical discharge machining, turn-milling, pipe-bending works, chromium coating and heat processing of details, design services.

High quality! Any complexity! Please contact us! 


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