Caps for tyre (tyre casing) repair

Caps for tyre (tyre casing) repair 


Caps are used to repair slight problems in radial and diagonal type tyres of all vehicles. Cap repair is the most technical and substantial type due to the fact that while the patch is being placed inside the tyre the pin of the cap fills in the puncture hole protecting the tyre carcass from moisture and avoiding corrosion. Caps are made of elastic and strong rubber which lets their strengthening without a special tool. Caps can be applied to any tyre zone «side, shoulder, tread section».

the enterprise produces caps of the following type:

  • Cap 1 d=55
  • Cap  2 d=65
  • Cap  3 d=65
  • Cap  4 d=65
  • Cap  5 d=95
  • Cap  6 d=95
  • Cap  7 d=135
  • Cap  8 d=175
  • Cap  9 d=175

If you haven’t found a required cap in this list - contact our managers and double check the product availability. It is possible that we had finished manufacturing this detail before the list was updated. In terms of an order we can manufacture any cap type including the mold equipment price.

If you want to set up the manufacture of these items at our production plant contact the engineering department to estimate the price of a mold.


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